All Sorts of Random

I have so many thoughts running through my head right now that I can’t organize them into one post today. So to showcase such a spazzy brain, I’m here to list them out for you. Maybe you can give me some good advice and comments.

1. How bout that debate huh? Obama came out swinging and Romney was ready with his dukes up in defense. Whew! You know you’re an adult when you actually WANT to watch the presidential debate and it’s actually entertaining and informative. So which body part will we be switching this time?

2. So apparently a lot of people Google National Boss Day and meme. Put that together and you get 247 views on your blog. Whoa momma! I don’t know if I should say thank you or just laugh. Until yesterday, my best blogging day had 66 views. Does this one count?

3. I love running. Last night, I finally ran the entire loop of the trail I hit up a few times a week. I was a proud little runner out there. As the sun was setting and my right foot was falling asleep, I knew I was going to accomplish a small goal that means so much to me. I fueled my body right and hydrated properly all day. I kept an easy pace and just kept at it. My lungs and legs felt great. I kept well in tune with my body and it seriously paid off. I am a runner.

4. We are currently venue shopping right now for our wedding. Why in the world are places so dang expensive? I’ll have more on that for Wedding Wednesday, but holy Moses! I’ll be damned if I’m budging on my budget for this dang wedding. I’m doing research on a nightly basis to find vendors that are in our price range. I’d rather spend our money on a down payment on a house (and the honeymoon) than on an event that’s over in 6 hours. Grrr.

5. Is anyone watching Duck Dynasty on A&E? Duck Dynasty blows any Honey Boo Boo redneck catastrophe straight out of the water. The second season started last week and I’m so looking forward to Si and Jace’s antics. If you don’t know, Duck Dynasty is about a family who built a million dollar company making and selling duck calls. The business is the least of the topics at hand on this show. Beaver and bee hunts, dressing a duck on Career Day and Vietnam stories are all wrapped up in camo Christmas paper. It’s just amazing.

Was that enough random for one day? See, my little brain is all over the place today. I think it has something to do with hump day. So, make it a good hump day guys and go get a little spazzy.


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