Wedding Wednesday: Guest List

One of the first things we did after getting engaged was put a guest list together. It seemed like one of the easiest wedding planning to-dos, but I had a couple stipulations. I want the wedding to be only close family and friends. Our wedding will be an intimate celebration as we celebrate the combining of two families into one. We’re not looking for enough of people to fill Jerry World (Cowboys Stadium). I kept telling Joe that I didn’t want to be introduced to one (or many) of his family members at our reception and vice versa. That would seem like a very strange place for quick introductions.

It wasn’t hard adding the people to the list. What was hard was really sticking to those stipulations. I noticed how easy it was to just start adding people to the list. We could easily have 150 guests, but we wouldn’t get the intimate feel we were going for. My other problem involved my conscience. I know some people may be disappointed when the invites go out and they don’t receive one. Once again, I thought of the type of vibe that I wanted for our wedding. An intimate wedding celebration.

After all was said and done, we decided at a comfortable 75 guests. This isn’t set in stone and when we originally made the list it totaled 62 people. I’m down for that number, too. I have to say, not having a ton of friends made this list fairly easy. We’ve had friendships that have lasted many years, even decades. Those are the right people we want in attendance. Luckily, neither of our families are very big. The 75 guest count is what we’ve been telling our venues and it’s the right number for a celebration AND an intimate atmosphere.

Stay tuned for some more Wedding Wednesday posts. We’ve been venue shopping and I’ve gotten a much better feel of what I do and don’t want. Whew! Wedding planning is hard work.


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