Wordy Letters

Dear week, you were seriously rough on my emotions. I think I hit 95 different forms of emotion within 5 days. Not cool. Dear work, you toy with my emotions as well. Quit that, will you? The happy hour on Wednesday was nice though. Dear Apollo, your new baby brother, Zeus, is coming in 8 days. Get ready. You’ll never be alone again. Muwhahahaha! Dear Joseph, thanks for dealing with my crappy emotions especially the other night when I refused to get up and take my dishes to the sink. Dear everyone, I’m soliciting your help to be the top fundraising team for the Colon Cancer Alliance Undy 5000 5K. We’re in second place! If you’re feeling generous, donate here. Mucho appreciated. Dear wedding planning, you’re very slow going. My poor decision-making skills really don’t help either. Dear Friday, thank you so very much for making an appearance. You were a little late, but better late than never. And last but not least… Dear Garmin Forerunner 10, I love you. You’re simple without all the crazy features of other running watches. You’re perfect for me. Link up with me here.


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