A few months back, the blogosphere was in a tizzy about Stickygrams. Okay, maybe I saw Rockstar Diaries post something about it and HAD to get in on some Stickygram action. What’s Stickygram you ask? Stickygram prints out your favorite Instagram photos on to little square magnets to decorate your unappealing refrigerator door or really anything that’s magnetic. Cool huh? I’ve seen diy projects of the sort, but let’s be honest, I rarely have time to do anything diy related.

The idea of printing out your Instagram images and decorating your home with them is a genius marketing plow and lots of companies have taken up the opportunity. Printstagram prints posters. Blurb prints your photos in books. Postagram lets you mail a postcard of your Instagram to family and friends. Instagoodies prints stickers. Boo Box places photos in a shadowbox. Casetegram lets you create a custom iPhone case with your photos! The possibilities to showcase your Instagram photos are endless.

Just like the others, Stickygram appeared, based in the UK, to fill the void of many Instagram lovers.

The whole process was really easy. A couple weeks ago, I set up my Instagram account with Stickygram. You simply login using your Instagram account information and all your images link accordingly. Drag and drop your favorite images you want printed. There are 9 photos per sheet and each sheet costs $14.99. Not too shabby.

The next day, I received a shipping confirmation email and a week later they arrived at my doorstep or my mailbox really.

Check out the final product!

Cute right? Not the most glamorous picture. They look much better in person. Every once in a while I find myself reorganizing them on the fridge.

Want a little incentive to buy your own? I’ve got one for ya. Use code FRIENDC0KK to take $2 off your first purchase. So, go get ya some magnets!

Oh! Happy Halloween!


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