High Five

For Friday! Link up with me!

1) Early Voting. I made it to my church during lunch this week to participate in my civil duty. It was a breeze getting in there. Five minutes later I walked out with my sweet “I voted touchscreen” sticker. Wam bam thank ya ma’am!

2) Moving Day. Today is moving day. Today, I’m trying to understand why I thought moving was a good idea. Today marks the day when I realize how many boxes my life can fit into – 45. Kidding. More like 3.

3) Day Light Savings ends Sunday. Even though the mornings are dark and the evenings are darker, I’ll enjoy that extra hour of sleep wrapped up in a warm blanket dreaming of sugarplum fairies.

4) Holiday decorations. I’ve never been one to decorate. It’s a waste of time, money and closet space. Somehow, this year, I’m itching to get into Hobby Lobby and Michaels to hunt down some good decorations. I think this may have to do with Pinterest. I blame Pinterest for all of my DIY, food and decorative tendencies. Add wedding ideas to the list and I become one crazy nut job.

5) Wedding Venue. High five for hopefully making a decision on where we’ll get married. We’re off to another venue on Sunday and if this doesn’t work out then I’ve got the perfect backup plan. It’s not really a backup. It’s more of a verification that I was right in the first place and should have gone with my gut. Darn gut! Always stirring me in the right direction! You’ll read more about this on Wednesday.


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