Garmin Forerunner 10

I finally took the plunge and bought the Garmin Forerunner 10 running watch. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results I’ve received within the last couple weeks of using it.

I had been researching running watches for a while, but couldn’t make the financial decision to buy one. Running watches can easily run you over $200. It was a price that I wasn’t sure I was willing to pay. I knew I wanted something that was good for a novice runner and it wasn’t necessary for the watch to have 12 gazillion gadgets attached to it.

I was in the mood to buy a Garmin running watch strictly because I couldn’t figure out the right pace by feel. I was interested in getting a little faster, but I wanted to know exactly what my pace was. I was tired of guessing. To say it’s as simple as running faster just wasn’t cutting it for me. I needed something extra.

I heard about the Garmin Forerunner 10 from a Meals and Miles review. Meghann runs all sorts of races from 5Ks to marathons so I knew she’d have something to say about it. Her review intrigued me enough to do my own research.

It’s a perfect beginners watch. The watch comes partially charged straight from the box so I was able to hit the pavement as soon as I got it. I browsed the manual beforehand to make sure I knew the gist of it all. Once turned on, you are two pushes away from a run. The Garmin first locates where you are and then you push the running man button again to start your run. Easy as pie.

There are four main options shown on the screen as you run – time, distance, pace and calories burned. After each mile, it alarms you with a simple beep and shows your pace. This is one of my favorite features. I’m able to simply look down at my watch to see what pace I held. A quick push of the start button and it pauses your run with the option to save it. I’ve saved all my runs so I can do a little comparison on the Garmin Connect.

Garmin Connect lets you record and track your runs and progress. It’s a fun little way to do a bit of analyzing. Take for instance my Undy 5000 run from the other weekend.

The home page of your specific run will look something like this. My run was mapped with a summary of my distance, time and average pace with additional information on elevation and calories. Check out the best pace. A 7:42 min/mi! Yeah, I was just going down hill at the start of the race, but that’s pretty cool it tracks it.

Another great little tool with Garmin Connect is the splits. Remember that it beeps at you after each mile? Yup, that’s what this is for.

I kept a fairly consistent pace on this run. It’s really cool to see how it all breaks out in the end.

The elevation chart is one of my favorites because I’ve never been able to check out elevation any other way. The elevation gain and loss ended up evening out on this run. Meaning it was a pretty flat and fast course. No tricks, hills and such. It certainly wasn’t needed. My entertainment not only came in the form of my running buddy and iPod, but also the great scenic lake view.

Pretty sweet, huh? And I’m sure there’s a bunch of other features I haven’t discovered yet.

I’d definitely recommend this watch for any novice runners. It provides you with plenty of pertinent information to do what you’re looking for. Garmin did a great job with the look of the watch. It’s smaller than a typical running watch with cool colors like hot pink and neon green. The band is comfortable enough that you about forget you’re wearing it.

It has a Virtual Pacer feature that I haven’t tried out yet, but it’s perfect for people like me looking to meet a specific pace. The watch also provides a run/walk feature that would be ideal for those looking to start an exercise regimen. See, it’s perfect for just about anyone!

The price tag isn’t too bad either. For $129.99, it certainly competes against those other big kahuna running watches. So far, it’s been totally worth every penny.

  1. Meghann said:

    I’m glad you love the Forerunner 10! I agree, it’s the perfect beginner watch, plus it’s small, compact, and easy to work. Congrats on the new purchase!

    • Thanks Meghann! Loving the Garmin Connect I think more than the watch itself.

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