Moving: A Work in Progress

Moving is annoying.

We moved into a bigger apartment the first weekend of November. The second weekend of November was spent installing contact paper and unpacking. And this past weekend was spent screaming out my frustrations as I mentally glared at the apartment to-do list. I can’t seem to lesson the load. If anything, I’m adding things to the list on the regular.

Our extra bedroom has become a staging room. If we haven’t unpacked it, used it, hung it, slept in it, etc. than it simply sits there glaring at me. The glaring anticipation of all these things to be placed in their place is causing me anxiety.

I’m not an extremely organized person. We have multiple junk drawers and unlike Joe, I don’t organize the dishwasher. So, why the anxiety? The problem comes when I know there are tons of things that need to be done and the process is slow as molasses. I want the automatic satisfaction that the curtains are hung, new furniture in the spare bedroom and the counters spotless. However none of this is done without me. I wish I could just snap my fingers and everything would be done.

We recently went to a house warming party. The new homeowners said something that stuck with me. They said that they would throw a house warming party once they were settled in the new home; however they realized they weren’t going to get that feeling for a while so they went ahead and threw the party together anyway. The simple truth of it all is we’re all building a home for ourselves. Are we ever done fixing, hanging, building, etc.?

I know eventually I won’t spend my weekends hunting for furniture, unpacking random boxes or organizing home office items. It’s a work in progress with work being the key word.

When I’m not working on making our apartment a home, I’m working at my legit job. Last week was one for the books – a book that needs to be destroyed. It was a rough one. Thanksgiving couldn’t have come at a better time. This year, I’m thankful for a roof over my head and my sanity to keep it looking more like the photo above and not like the spare bedroom.

Have a wonderful Monday, ya’ll. Make it a great one though.


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