TWD: Best Ever Brownies

Man! After this recipe I’m starting to think those sweet bloggers over at Tuesdays with Dorie are trying to plump us up for Thanksgiving. These last few recipes have been indulgences that my waistline does not appreciate.

This Tuesdays recipe is Best Ever Brownies and they certainly were.

Thanks to preparing the brownies ahead of time, I was able to use some natural light this time to take my photos. Much better than last time, right?


These are some seriously decadent brownies. There is no skimping on the chocolate with these. Butter, chocolate and sugar are the foundation of these brownies with your typical baking additions of flour and eggs. These bad boys certainly aren’t gluten-free, vegan-free or any other froo froo “free” definition. Any chocolate lover would die happy indulging in one of these.

Let’s get to the recipe. As I’m sure I’m not the only one, my brownies took 65 minutes to bake instead of the allotted 28 minutes mentioned in the recipe. Big jump. Was this a glitch in the recipe? Not sure, but I was greatly disappointed that it took so long.

Backing up a bit, I flubbed up on the recipe. Once the chocolate, butter mixture melted and was taken off the burner, I whisked the eggs and threw them in with the chocolate not thinking about it. I went back to the recipe and gasped. I missed a crucial step. I was supposed to save half of the eggs to whisk to three times its size and then fold them into the chocolate batter. Fail. I prayed it wouldn’t hurt me in the long run.

Going back to the time discrepancy, thinking that a few extra minutes would help, I kept the brownies baking for about 32 minutes. I took them out and let them cool. An hour later, I was craving some chocolate heaven. I cut into them to find a soupy mess. They weren’t done. With a sigh of frustration, I preheated the oven and set the timer for another 35 minutes. I kept checking on the batter with tooth picks.

Finally, after 65 minutes of baking, I pulled them out and let them cool. At this point, it was very late (or early) on Saturday (or Sunday) and I wasn’t about to lose sleep for these things. I headed to bed with sugar plum brownies dancing in my head. I wish I had stayed awake. Nothing beats fresh, hot brownies.

My little flub with the eggs didn’t seem to lesson the greatness of these brownies. If anything, they seemed more fudge-like and less cakey. I’m not complaining. I took them to work on Monday. My coworker said he finally understands why Joe is marrying me. It’s all about these brownies. Hmm. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Now go visit Monica for the full recipe. I promise you won’t be disappointed. And let me know if you folded the eggs into the chocolate. I want to know if it turned out any differently.

  1. Sara said:

    I don’t think your egg “flub” made much of a difference – your brownies look a lot like mine do, and I followed the recipe exactly! Yours certainly do look rich and delicious; as long as they’re tasty, that’s what matters! 🙂

    • They were pretty good. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  2. teaandscones said:

    Mistake here, too. I added all the sugar to the chocolate. Still came out just fine. Like Yours!!

  3. Cathleen said:

    Your brownies turned out perfect; egg mishap or not!

  4. Cher said:

    It seems like these brownies stood up to any number of assembly techniques. They look great…

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