Wedding Wednesday: Pinsperation

I think I’ve finally made an official decision on the date, but I won’t be sharing it just yet. May 10, 2014 will not be our date. We’ve bumped it up a bit so I’ll let you in on that later. I’m also looking into rental setups and photographers so those posts will be coming soon.

For today, I wanted to share with you all my inspiration and vision for the big day. Thank you, Pinterest! I don’t think I could do this without the help of Pinterest and all the previous brides of the world. It’s been a serious blessing in the last few weeks and for those that follow me, you know I’m either pinning wedding inspiration or food. Mmmmm food.

Ever since I knew I wanted to marry Joe at the lake (for realzie), I’ve imagined a quaint backyard wedding with tons of personal touches.

All links are embedded in the photos.

This is my ideal wedding setting. A pretty tent, twinkling lights and plenty of space make this the perfect way to celebrate the start of our life together. We find the tent the most practical. We’re able to get the ambiance we want while being prepared for inclement weather. I want to make sure our tent rental has the same open feeling. The lake is beautiful so it’s imperative that everyone can experience the scenery during the ceremony and reception.

Speaking of ceremony.

How beautiful is this backdrop? I can imagine draping these from the trees instead of doing a traditional wedding arch. Fresh flowers wouldn’t be cheap, but it makes for some great photos and a unique place to tie the knot.

One idea I’m about dead set on is having a grand exit as we are confirmed man and wife. As we walk down the aisle as husband and wife, guests will throw rose petals from pretty white doilies like the photo above. I love this approach because I’m not sure we’ll have any other “exit.” Logistically speaking, Joe and I probably won’t leave before the rest of the guests since we’re getting married at a home and not a venue. I’m able to still get that exit I want without leaving the property.

Grey, plum/eggplant and touches of green will be our colors. I love this look. It’s formal, but not so formal that it turns into a black tie affair. We’re going with classy casual. Black tuxes would be too much and any other color would just look odd for the groom and groomsmen. I think it’s a really great look that isn’t too tacky and our kids won’t automatically cringe when they check out our wedding album years from now. Yes. More classy. Less tacky.

Something that’s always on my mind is the budget. We haven’t set a budget, but I think I’ve got a good feel of what I’m willing to spend on each wedding necessity. When I feel like I’m losing sight of sticking to that budget, I come back to these budget-friendly weddings (click the photo for the specifics). This is where the true inspiration comes out. Since I’m more focused on saving money for a house then spending it on a wedding, this site just secures my doubts with wedding planning. If I know that real brides made it happen on such a tight budget, I’m willing to do the same.

On to the reception.

Corn hole is a must for a little entertainment. Picture a backyard party with craft beers and a corn hole competition. That’s my kinda party. There’s nothing traditional about this even though it seems to be gaining popularity. Corn hole is such a fun game and since we aren’t big on dancing we may just omit a dance floor altogether and have mini corn hole games instead. I’ve done some research on custom corn hole boards and them seem a bit pricey. I’ll keep hunting but I have a few ideas in mind.

Other entertainment inclues a little smores party. A couple summers ago, Joe helped build a fire pit in the lake house backyard. We’re big smores people. Joe’s mom always has the essential ingredients to create the perfect smore. I even bought her a 10-piece marshmallow roaster so we could get maximum smore love.

Can you get a good feel of my wedding style? Come follow me on Pinterest if you want to see my complete wedding board. Are you planning a wedding? Has Pinterest helped you as much as it has helped me?


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