Turkey Trot Race Photos

You know you’re going to get a good laugh when “Race Photos” are in the title of a post. Why? Because you never know what you look like when you’ve been running for an hour.

Last night, the Turkey Trot photos finally went up on the site and I was quick to check them out. I’m used to smaller races. Most smaller races have professional photographers, but I never see the photos after the race. Somewhere in the world, there are many photos of me huffing and puffing down the road. Somewhere someone is saying, “Why does she look so pissed?”

Take exhibit A:

Those determined eyes. That running form. It screams, “I’m just a 5K from finishing.” Or at least that’s what I was thinking at this point. Surprisingly, I was feeling pretty good. I had just stretched and was taking off on another leg of the run. And props to me for hitting up the edge of the road. I’ll pay for no photo bombing any day. Oh wait. I did. Since these were my first legit race photos, I needed to have them for myself. They rip you off no doubt, but I needed some evidence.

I forked over $27 for three DIGITAL images. No, I didn’t get prints. No, I didn’t receive a frame for them. No, no one gave me their first born son for them. A slight rip off indeed, but worth it.

Exhibit B:

Not such a furrowed brow here and still loving that no one else is in the picture. I do have to say the scenery was pretty awesome. Check out that background. A little slice of Dallas for your viewing pleasure. I look like I’m about to die, but at least I’ve got my essentials. Bic Band. Check. Tech tee. Check. Brooks. Check. Compression Socks. Double Check.

Exhibit C: The Grand Finale

Flailing hair, gut-wrenching finisher face and the sweet relief of a finish line. And apparently I’ve got some pronation by the looks of the way my right foot is landing which explains the pain I felt hours later. Thank you compression socks for lessening said pain.

I just had to share these with you all. I got a good laugh out of them and you should too. I mean heck. It’s only Tuesday. We all deserve a little laugh for making it through another Monday.

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!

  1. Brittany said:

    You look fierce! I love these photos..my running photos are HORRIFIC! I always look like I am dying. I’ve only had one run where I looked ok and that was becasue it was so congested at the spot where the photo was taken I was at nearly a walk, and it was taken right under the castle at Disneyland..so..it’s impossible for it to be horrid! HA! Awesome job on the race!

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