The Perfect Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Combo

We like to make excuses to celebrate and what better way to celebrate the Christmas season then an ugly Christmas sweater party. This weekend sparked the first of three Christmas parties this season. My best girlfriends hosted the party Saturday night and it was a great success. We stuffed our faces with bacon wrapped appetizers and holiday spiked drinks. We played sherades and drinko, had an ugly sweater fashion show and swapped white elephant gifts.

The perfect party combination consists of:

IMG_20121201_204713Start with a photo booth. Documenting this momentous occasion on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a requirement. I mean, how else will all your followers know you found the perfect excuse to drink and party with your friends?

Speaking of friends. Invite them. Nothing says a lame party like an empty room with your uncle standing at the food table all night and that one friend that got drunk and passed out by 8 p.m.

Booze. Don’t even hate. Even the most G-rated parties have some kind of alcoholic beverage. It may be Smirnoff, but hey, we’ve all been there.

Food. Don’t get stingy with this part. Snowman cupcakes? Do it! And nothing is wrong with a cheese ball. That shiz will carry you through four rounds of drinko.

Drinking games. If you’re like my friends, have multiple drinking game options. Beer pong, kings cup, flip cup, drinko. Keep it coming. These people know how to make their liver work. Let’s face it. That liver needs it’s exercise. No one wants a fatty liver.

Sherades. Nothing says party like a game that consists of acting out phrases that tipsy people have written out on a piece of paper. Extra points for making it Christmas-themed. Triple points for the three people that wrote down Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

IMG_20121202_010507Incentive. It’s a sure fire way to get me to say yes to an invite if you include a little incentive. Ugly sweater contest? I’m in! Second place may be first place loser, but I’m still holding the wine. I know you’re jealous.

Fashion Show. You know you’ve hit the jackpot of all jackpots when the party breaks into a fashion show. Picture this pretty lady sashaying down the hallway cat walk and busting out some sweet grindage up against an unsuspecting friend. Hey, don’t judge. I was aiming for that 1st place spot. At least I wasn’t the one rubbing my nipples. Man, THAT would have been embarrassing!

White elephant. Who came up with the name for this concept? Bring a gift and unwrap a gift or steal from someone else. I’ve never wanted to steal so much in my life. Such a genius idea. Most successful gift? Starbucks gift card and mug. You can NEVER go wrong with a gift card and coffee. Best. Combo. Ever. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up with the Sbux. I ended up with a drinking game I handed off to someone else and a pound of chocolate. A pound people! It’s like Easter again!

IMG_20121202_114300The future hubs. Okay so this one is just for me, but I must document the night I witnessed a drunk Joe. I blame it on the drinko. After more than 2 years, I’ve never seen this man even slightly drunk. And I met this kid in a bar. This was a real treat to witness. Actually, he’s not any different than he is sober. There’s just a lot of “Man, I think I’m drunk,” comments. It was cute.


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