I think it’s high time I finally introduce you to the newest member of the family.

20121126_223236Meet Zeus.

About 2 months ago, Joe and I took a trip to our local Petsmart. Furrever Friends, the adoption organization, was showcasing multiple kittens and cats that day. As we checked out all the precious kitties, Zeus was casually checking us out. The foster lady opened his cage and let us hold him. He was perfect. Not too wild like his brother and he had those real recognizable tabby marks that we liked. He just seemed so cool. I ended up paying for him that day and made arrangements to have the foster lady keep him for two weeks until we moved to our bigger place.

It has been about a month and Zeus has been a sweet and crazy blessing.

20121117_105239He loves riding in cars with boys. He spends most of his afternoons attempting to ride his brother, Apollo, like a horse. Pouncing is his fortay and playing is his game. He sleeps in odd places and scares himself when he walks by the aluminum trash can. Apollo has the perfect cat toy for Zeus, his tail. If Zeus isn’t swapping at Apollo’s tail, he’s picking multiple toys out of his toy box. He’s like a child. He chooses one, plays with it for five minutes then goes back to grab another toy. Sixteen rounds later, our floor is covered in cat nip pillows, noisy bell balls and remnants of kitty wands. How does he get your attention? He walks in between your legs. Don’t ask how many times we’ve tripped over him.

cat toy boxDon’t be alarmed if you receive a gift from us this year with teeth marks. He finds wrapping paper the best thing to naw on when mom is wrapping gifts. He spends his time under the Christmas tree and has found a way to turn the lights on and off. Such a smart kitty. He may be getting bigger, but his face still won’t grow into his ears. His face seems to be nestled in between 2 NASA space station satellites. Too bad he has the worst listening skills. I’m still not convinced he knows his name. And I’m really not convinced he knows the word ‘stop’ or ‘no.’ We’ll keep working on that.

20121201_135422-1At least Zeus has his best friend. These two play together, eat together and sleep together. They may not always like each other, but they’re officially brothers so they better start getting used to it.

These two are our babies. They’re a handful, but we’ll keep them.


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