Wedding Wednesday on a Thursday

I didn’t forget about Wedding Wednesday. With a lack of planning and my work’s Christmas party Tuesday night, I found myself very sleepy by the time we got home. That may have had something to do with the 4-hour access to free booze. I’m now realizing my recent posts have included a lot of alcohol consumption. I’m not usually such a drunkard, but hey, it’s the holidays. Don’t judge. Santa doesn’t judge. Or does he?

So what do I have for you?

I must tell you I don’t have a ton to update you on. I mailed our deposit for our photographer yesterday, so I’ll be sharing that later since they aren’t officially our wedding photographers…yet. I haven’t done a lot of wedding research because I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping for Christmas. Best. Christmas Giver. Ever! So, bear with me as the Christmas holiday approaches.

My favorite part of getting married is hunting around for the perfect honeymoon. I’m the type of girl that would rather skimp on the wedding and have an awesome honeymoon. Traveling and experiencing new places is so exhilarating. Joe and I haven’t actually gone on vacation together except for that one time we jetted off to Indiana for his cousin’s wedding. You can expect that I’m really excited to get started on the travel itinerary.


This place looks pretty good, right? Joe for sure wants a tropical place to relax. I’m looking for a place that has some cool historical places to tour. Any ideas from the peanut gallery would be much appreciated!

One big piece of news is we finally picked an official date. I’ve gone back and fourth with multiple different dates for the last two months and it took finding our photographer to make a decision. As I checked out their schedule, one of the dates I was thinking about was booked. Process of elimination and we have a date!

I guess you want to know the date. Drum roll please…

We are officially getting married on … November 2, 2013!

It’s going to be a beautiful fall wedding and I’m just looking forward to marrying my best friend. Don’t expect this date to change. I’m dead set on it since I spent many days going back and fourth. Joe kept telling me that people are asking about the date and he can’t ever give them a definitive answer. Mark my words. November 2nd is D-day or W-day really.


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