Letters on This Delightful Friday

Here’s to another set of Friday letters! Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend!

Dear Christmas decor,

Can you just magically appear all strategically placed in my home? I don’t seem to have much interest in buying a bunch of stuff that has really no meaning and will only be used once a year. I want my home to look all holiday snazzy. Hmmm. At least I have my festive mug to keep me in the spirit.

mugSpeaking of decor…

Dear extra bedroom,

I’d love to make you all pretty with a bed, dresser, desk, comfy chair etc., but my wallet keeps saying, “Gurrrl please!” It seems my ghetto fabulous wallet wants to spend it’s contents on things like Christmas gifts and wedding plans. Sigh. Maybe someday.

Dear Texas weather,

Well, you finally did it. You finally made it feel like fall/winter around here. This week we had our first “snowfall.” A millimeter layer of snow covering 20% of my car? That was a nice change. It brings me back to the days as a wee child scraping ice and snow off the car so mom could drive me to dance practice. Those were the days.

Dear legs,

Please don’t crap out on me for the next three months. I’ve got 13.1 miles to run and I’m looking at you to carry the load. March 24th, here I come!

Dear vendors at my work,

You can stop sending us Christmas baskets. As soon as one shows up, I immediately think, “FREE FOOD!” Cheese, crackers, sausage, spreads, chocolate. You name it. I’ve been sampling. We’ve gotten three this week alone. I wander what next week will bring. Mama could use a treadmill to lose all those snack calories.

Dear wedding planning,

I will get a hold of you. Things are a bit spastic, but if I list out the things I’ve researched and made decisions on, I’d technically be ahead of the game. Sitting down with a legit coordinator next week will be a blessing.

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