Married vs. Single Friends

The other weekend, I got to thinking about the differences between my married friends vs. my single friends. Joe and I were attending one of his good friends Christmas parties when I noticed that the guests attending were all married and with their spouse. Four couples made up the little shindig.

We love our friends dearly. I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends, but I’ve noticed a pattern that I can only distinguish by their relationship status. Either way, the quality of the friendship stays the same.

Married Friends

– Their perfect night consists of staying at home with close friends either watching a football game or making it a game night with Cranium and Pictionary. A good bottle of wine or draft beer is usually present as well.

– Conversations revolve around new homes, who’s pregnant or wedding talk (for us).

– Married friends have married jokes. Always an interesting area of conversation. They usually involve bodily functions and the opposite sexes home life habits.

– I’m never surprised when one couple must leave early so they can relieve the babysitter.

– Nights usually end by midnight.

Zeus2(This has nothing to do with this post, but you can’t go wrong with little Zeus sleeping upside down in Joe’s arms.)

Single Friends

– Their perfect night consists of getting dolled up and hitting the town with close friends. “Hitting the town” usually means mingling at a restaurant bar, dancing it up at a club or having a drink or two out on the patio of a local bar.

– Conversations revolve around the hateful existence of the opposite sex, crappy jobs and drama-filled recaps of the night before.

– Single friends have single jokes. A lot more funny than married jokes in my opinion and usually much more raunchy with very little shame; however married couples do give single people a run for their money.

– I’m never surprised when one friend ends up drinking too much.

– Nights usually end well past my bedtime with an ounce of regret. Regretfully drinking a tad too much.

The fun part is I get to experience both types of friendships. I can have the chill game nights and the crazy bar nights. It’s fun to have friends in different stages of life. I’ve experienced lots of single moments and I get to look forward to many married moments.

No matter if my single friends are complaining about crummy guys or my married friends are attempting to solve a sherades game, I have the best friends. I’m so blessed to have them in my life and I’ll never take them for granted.


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