Wedding Wednesday: Photographer

About a month ago, I was hunting around for a wedding photographer. Without having the official wedding date picked out, I was really just browsing for photography that caught my eye. I kept hitting a snag in the process. I’d find a photographer that seemed perfect and then I’d check out their pricing. I couldn’t fathom spending more than $4,000 for a photographer! Really? I’d wimper at my computer screen with my figurative tail between my legs.

I’ve learned in this wedding planning process to stick to what is true to Joe and I. So, I continued to hunt for the perfect photographer that was in our price range. I wasn’t about to settle on something so important as our wedding photography.

I found Feather & Twine Photography after I stumbled upon Brides of North Texas. A few clicks into their site and I was completely hooked. Hook, line and sinker baby!

Picture 12Kelsey and Talon are the geniuses behind Feather & Twine Photography. I immediately contacted Kelsey and within a day or two she was getting back to me with extra information including wedding packages, their online brochure and a sample contract. My heart nearly skipped a beat when I checked out their pricing. It was reasonably priced and the package included bridals which I wasn’t sure I’d get considering the photographers I was looking at were way out of our budget. About this time, we had narrowed down the wedding date to two different dates. I checked Feather & Twine’s calendar and it was an easy decision from there. One of our dates was already booked. I just needed that little push to make the other date official and lock down the date with Kelsey and Talon.

They have such a beautiful photo style. I love how they capture light and how effortless the subjects seem to be in everyday life. Their couples are relaxed and comfortable. They aren’t placed in weird, awkward poses or doing something that doesn’t come naturally to them.

We have an engagement session date picked out for late February. We’re brainstorming good engagement photo locations. Any ideas? I can’t wait to get started.

For more amazing photos, click the photo above or head on over to the Feather & Twine Photography website. Leave a good hour to do so. You won’t want to leave their blog. The best part? Kelsey and Talon are willing to travel, so if you know anyone getting married check them out. They don’t limit themselves to just the DFW area. They’re pretty awesome.

Have an awesome Wednesday guys!

  1. For engagement photo locations, I have found these to be good ones:

    1. Celestial Park in Addison
    2. Lakeside Park in Highland Park
    3. Flippen Park in Highland Park
    4. Quorum Park in Addison
    5. Dallas Arts District
    6. Downtown Plano

    I’m not married/not even engaged yet; but I think those are lovely places. Good luck on finding a place that fits what you and Joe have in mind!


    PS: I love reading about your wedding planning, it gives me so many ideas for my future wedding!

    • Thanks Kelli for the suggestions! I’ll have to look into those.

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