Anytime Fitness Has A New Member!

I made the decision to join a gym. Since daylight savings ended, I’ve been struggling to make it to the trail for my runs. I love running as you all know, but night running is a whole other ballgame. I’m prepared for everything that comes with night running – bright clothing, head lamp, pepper spray – but running in the dark is not one of my favorite things to do. The dark gives me the willies.

My apartment complex has a gym; however it really doesn’t do me any good if my keys won’t work to get in to the little gym. After several days of attempting to workout at home and going to management about the problem without a resolution, I was fed up.

I have friends that go to Anytime Fitness. Everyone seems to rave about it. One conversation later and I was ready to become a member. During my lunch last week, I marched right into the nearest Anytime Fitness and joined for a year.

AFIvy, the Office Manager, sold me on everything the gym has to offer. As a franchise, they don’t act like a big corporate company. Each gym is owned individually. It’s opened 24/7 with access to MANY amenities.

They have indepth security measures for those that like to shred the late night treadmill oil. It’s small enough that when you walk in you feel as if you’re hanging out with family. Classes include zumba, yoga, butts and guts, and arms and abs.


They aren’t the biggest gym, but the lack of size is made up by the highest quality in technology. T.V.’s are set up on every cardio machine. The weight equipment is new and always clean. You have the option to pay for a private trainer every week. There’s tons of equipment from balls, bands and mats. Ivy told me that every year, in September, they ask members how the gym can be improved. Members can suggest new equipment and if the owners agree, it’ll show up in the gym a few weeks later. Seriously? They actually listen to the needs and wants of their members. Sweet!

Members have a private entrance. Every time you use your key, your clocked into your private account on Private bathrooms allow you to change and shower after your workout. Ivy cleans those bad boys on a daily basis! The list goes on and on.

And the prices? They don’t even compare to other places. I love knowing that I don’t have to drop thousands of dollars every year to use a gym. They’re VERY reasonably priced. And this is coming from a girl who has to really think it over when buying anything over $40.

I love that the gym doesn’t make me feel intimidated. I can easily walk in and feel at ease. It’s my perfect gym style. If you’re looking for a friendly, affordable gym, please try Anytime Fitness. Just as a disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post. I’m just a happy member wanting to share my little gym find with all of you!

Have an awesome Thursday lovies!


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