Picture This! Zumba Baby!

zumbaHey, we’re all still alive and the world didn’t end! Woohoo! Man, that was a close one. This lady above is praising God or just instructing her Zumba class to wave yo hands in the ayirr like you just don’t cayyer.

Okay, enough of that.

This past Monday night marked my first Zumba experience. It was fun to bust a little move to relieve some unwelcome stress.

Picture a small studio with a big mirror on one wall and a big window on another.

Picture a sweaty male instructer with a patch over one eye. (essence of cool right there)

Picture said sweaty man that knows how to shake his ba-donk-a-donk…a lot.

Picture my timid expression at the start.

Picture (or really imagine) hearing extremely loud salsa and bollywood music.

Picture one male and 9 women.

Picture a whole lot of hip shaking, leg moving, arm swaying fun.

Picture me confused 3-4 times as my coordination is lacking in my feet.

Picture jumping jacks.

Picture belly dancing skirts and a lot more hip shaking.

Picture a cool down.

Picture a satisfied smile on my face.

Overall, it was a pretty great class to start off on. This guy on Monday was a lot of fun. He was very big on shaking our hips. At one point, he stopped the music and grabbed a dozen belly dancing skirts. You know the ones that have those little shiny, trinket things that aren’t bells, but when rubbed against each other they make a ton of noise? Ha! Did that make any sense? Anyway. We threw those bad boys on and kept right on shimmying.

I went with a friend and she mentioned the other instructor is much more intense so I’m definitely interested in going back for the other teacher. The best part about Zumba is you kind of forget that you’re burning calories. I tend to stick to running and opt out of cross training so I’m looking forward to taking classes with Anytime Fitness and building a better fitness base. Maybe this should be my New Years resolution. Either way, if you’re hesitant to try Zumba, just do it! Even if you aren’t the most coordinated person, you’ll end up burning some calories and just laughing it off.

Happy Friday ya’ll. I don’t go back to work until Thursday next week. I’m looking forward to having a few days off. I haven’t scheduled any blog posts, but you’ll see me around in the coming days I’m sure. If I don’t…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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