A Wonderful Christmas!

Merry ChristmasIt’s been a great few days spending Christmas with our families. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well.

I spent Christmas Eve baking our traditional Spritz cookies with my mom and attending/ushering the children’s Christmas Eve services at our church. Joe and I found some time to go look at Christmas lights the other night. Sipping on some hot apple cider while looking at Christmas lights is such a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season. Christmas day was filled with family, food and blessings. We visited Joe’s family in the morning and mine in the afternoon. My mom and step-dad whipped up a delicious feast. My mom even broke out my great grandmothers china for the holiday occasion. We ended up with a white Christmas here in North Texas. It was a really great Christmas.

Since, I’m in the mood to snuggle in bed, watch t.v. and read, you all are getting a little Christmas photo dump today. I’m off to work tomorrow so I’m taking advantage of the last few hours of my Christmas break. There may be some White Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life tonight. Have a great one guys!

*I just realized I took zero photos of my actual families. Oops! Major Christmas fail!

20121223_202550 20121223_205227 20121223_205947 20121223_210416 20121223_210800 20121224_152520 20121224_162925 20121225_10293620121225_150423And my absolute favorite from yesterday…



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