In my goal of living my life to the fullest, I have created a list of things that I would like to do before I kick the bucket. I’ll be sharing my adventures and accomplishments with you.


Greater Good
Grow a garden
Plant a tree
Build a compost
Volunteer at a soup kitchen
Rescue an animal

Health & Fitness
Maintain a healthy weight
Run a 5K (accomplished on 01/14/2012)
Run a 10K
Run a Half Marathon
Do a cleanse
Try Bikram yoga

Start a lifestyle blog and maintain it (Started February 5, 2012)
Learn to snowboard
Knit a scarf
Take a photography class
Make homemade pasta
Make homemade ice cream
Learn to juggle
Learn 5 magic tricks
Memorize 5 clean jokes
Learn a ballroom dance
Learn to drive a stick shift
Join a book club
Average 150 in bowling
Discover my family tree
Choose a cookbook and make EVERYTHING in it

The Travel Bug
Visit the U.K. (outside of London)
Visit London (April 12-16 2012)
Visit Paris and eat escargot (April 18, 2012)
Travel France (because I took 5 years of French)
Visit Sweden (because I’m 50% Swedish)
Go on a safari ride
Take a cruise
Stay in a bungalow in Bora Bora
See the Grand Canyon
Go to the airport, with no flight itinerary plans, and choose a random place to go
Take a road trip
Visit all 50 states
Visit a National Park
Travel solo
Drive down Route 66
Go to Steamboat MusicFest
Travel California

Attend a street festival (like Mardi Gras)
Go to the Kentucky Derby
Go to the World Series (accomplished October 2011 – Texas Rangers vs. St. Louis Cardinals)
Become a mommy
Have a spa day
Cut down a Christmas tree (I did this many, many years ago with my dad but I didn’t appreciate the experience)
Fly first class
Swim with dolphins (accomplished August 2009 in Puerto Vallerta, Mexico)
Ride in a hot air balloon
Ride an elephant (eek! favorite.animal.)
Marry my best friend (aww)
Go parasailing
Go white water rafting
Go to a drive-in movie theatre
See a Broadway musical (Wicked, Apollo Theatre in London, April 13, 2012)
Buy a cake from Carlo’s Bakery (Cake Boss; Hoboken style)
Go snorkeling
Go to a wine tasting
Ride a mechanical bull
Build a massive pillow fort
Sing Karaoke
Visit a Renaissance Festival
Cliff Dive
Walk on fire
Explore a cave

*This list may not be the complete list. Add-ons are acceptable and appreciated to live and sustain a bad ass life 🙂


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