Friday Letters

Here’s to another set of Friday letters! Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend!

Dear Christmas decor,

Can you just magically appear all strategically placed in my home? I don’t seem to have much interest in buying a bunch of stuff that has really no meaning and will only be used once a year. I want my home to look all holiday snazzy. Hmmm. At least I have my festive mug to keep me in the spirit.

mugSpeaking of decor…

Dear extra bedroom,

I’d love to make you all pretty with a bed, dresser, desk, comfy chair etc., but my wallet keeps saying, “Gurrrl please!” It seems my ghetto fabulous wallet wants to spend it’s contents on things like Christmas gifts and wedding plans. Sigh. Maybe someday.

Dear Texas weather,

Well, you finally did it. You finally made it feel like fall/winter around here. This week we had our first “snowfall.” A millimeter layer of snow covering 20% of my car? That was a nice change. It brings me back to the days as a wee child scraping ice and snow off the car so mom could drive me to dance practice. Those were the days.

Dear legs,

Please don’t crap out on me for the next three months. I’ve got 13.1 miles to run and I’m looking at you to carry the load. March 24th, here I come!

Dear vendors at my work,

You can stop sending us Christmas baskets. As soon as one shows up, I immediately think, “FREE FOOD!” Cheese, crackers, sausage, spreads, chocolate. You name it. I’ve been sampling. We’ve gotten three this week alone. I wander what next week will bring. Mama could use a treadmill to lose all those snack calories.

Dear wedding planning,

I will get a hold of you. Things are a bit spastic, but if I list out the things I’ve researched and made decisions on, I’d technically be ahead of the game. Sitting down with a legit coordinator next week will be a blessing.

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Dear week, you were seriously rough on my emotions. I think I hit 95 different forms of emotion within 5 days. Not cool. Dear work, you toy with my emotions as well. Quit that, will you? The happy hour on Wednesday was nice though. Dear Apollo, your new baby brother, Zeus, is coming in 8 days. Get ready. You’ll never be alone again. Muwhahahaha! Dear Joseph, thanks for dealing with my crappy emotions especially the other night when I refused to get up and take my dishes to the sink. Dear everyone, I’m soliciting your help to be the top fundraising team for the Colon Cancer Alliance Undy 5000 5K. We’re in second place! If you’re feeling generous, donate here. Mucho appreciated. Dear wedding planning, you’re very slow going. My poor decision-making skills really don’t help either. Dear Friday, thank you so very much for making an appearance. You were a little late, but better late than never. And last but not least… Dear Garmin Forerunner 10, I love you. You’re simple without all the crazy features of other running watches. You’re perfect for me. Link up with me here.

Grab yourself a cup of joe and a furry friend and write some letters today.

Dear wedding venues, you are giving me a lot to think about. Some of you are all inclusive while others are very DIY. I look forward to touring your facilities in the next month or so and finally choosing a place. It’s the first of many decisions that will lead us to the big day.

Dear new spare bedroom coming November 1st, I’m really excited about you, my friend. The possibilities are endless on what I can put in that space. Shall I make it a guest bedroom, office and/or reading nook. I’m thinking all three! I’ve been hunting for the perfect cozy chair to snuggle into for a good reading session. I’m looking at you Rooms To Go!

Dear fellow co-worker, thanks for being so nice. After a small discussion on the greatness that is Keurig K cups, the next morning, I was surprised to find a French Vanilla K cup sitting sweetly on my desk. Thank you. It made my day.

Dear future, you look very bright. From moving to a bigger place, to wedding planning and the holidays, there’s a lot to be thankful for and look forward to. I’ll continue to enjoy the present, too.

Dear Apollo, you are in for a pretty rude awakening. Joseph gave me the okay to get another furry feline. One that isn’t nearly as grumpy as you are. So, don’t be alarmed if one day we come home with a new sibling for you. I’m just warning you now. Your cozy spot on the couch with the soft blanket is in jeopardy for some major competition.

Dear me, don’t be so hard on yourself.

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Fridays Letters!

I’m dedicating this post to only one thing. Well, one thing that’s a feline – a feline that is notoriously good at bugging the bejeesus out of me. Without further ado, my letters to Apollo.

Dear Apollo,

Must you announce yourself every time you enter a room? You are not King of England or King of anything really and yet you insist on making your presence known even at midnight when I’m nearing my glorious deep sleep.

Speaking of sleeping. I’ll continue to wake you up when you’re curled up on the couch or under the desk because you deprive me of my own sleep. If haters gonna hate, join em.

Let’s have a discussion on food. Oh food. I’m aware it’s quite amazing; however I would think that keeping it in your bowl would be more beneficial to you. As you swallow your food without chewing, you end up spitting food in every direction. Why do I continue to step on your hard food all the way on the other side of the kitchen?

Oh floors! You should be writing apologetic letters to the carpet and floor, Apollo. You take them for granted as you fling litter on them as well as excrement, food and spit up.

Please heed my advice when I tell you your life and ours would be a lot better off if you shook the litter pebbles off your feet before you exited the litter box. Weekly floor cleaning can get quite old and you are the only culprit.

I know what you’re doing.

You’re plotting to kill us. I found this by the windowsill the other day.

1. How did you get a Pinterest account?

2. You aren’t fooling anyone.

You’ve got the “burying bodies” part down pat. Staring contests? More like staring death traps. Kneading and lightening speed? We should call you Superman in the kitchen (ya know? kneading bread. get it?).

Don’t think we’re not on to you.

Just watch your back, Apollo. We’ve got connections to the vets office. FYI.

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Oh Friday! How I love thee!

I haven’t been sleeping very well this week. The corporate world may be stressing me out a little bit considering evaluations take place next week. I’ve finished 9 weeks and I’m a little lost on what to write on my assessment. Besides the typical training and gaining experience, I don’t really know what else there is to discuss. I personally think it’s too soon, but I’ll make it work and I’m sure my lovely boss understands as well.

I ended up breaking my back the other night doing some kettlebell exercises. Okay, not necessarily “breaking” my back, but a good bruising was had and I’m paying the price. I have two thoughts on this – 1. I worked out a muscle in my lower back that I never thought was there and it’s a little tender and/or 2. I was seriously doing a strength training move wrong and my back is screaming out for relief. Oh wait. I’ve got another thought. I had no idea how much my back muscles work when I sit down on chairs, sofas and toilets. I’d like to hope it was just a new muscle that’s working out, but who knows. Whatever the case, I’m trying to take it a little easy.

{Cuz every post deserves a grainy cell phone pic of me in a pink construction hat. Done!}

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Dear sleep-deprivation,
I could really use a break from you. The tossing and turning at night certainly isn’t helping me stay on my game at work. Let’s not make this a reoccurrence, please.

To that sweet Tempurpedic bed,
Boy, I love you, but can we join forces together against sleep-deprivation up there. He is secretly plotting against me and I’m looking to make a big game move as they would say on Big Brother.

To my family and Joe’s family,
Neither of ya’ll are making it easy to find the time to get together. Can someone just please compromise? Planning for a dinner three weeks out is a little ridiculous when I know you guys just sit around all weekend. Don’t even lie. I know the lake is enticing and the couch is even more, but seriously! Help a girl out!

Dearest Wi-Fi,
I made the awful mistake this week forgetting that I turned you off. Assuming you were working your FREE magic, I used data like I normally do. A nice text from AT&T later and I’m stuck with only 35% of my data left for the next 9 days before my bill cycle is up. Now I’m back to the old days where I’m trying with all my might to not use you very often. I miss you. I’ll never leave you like that again. Can’t August 24th come any faster? Or is it August 25th? Oh crap!

Dear Tollways,
We are frenemies. You take A LOT of my money each week but I’m too impatient to use alternate routes. Don’t you think it’s a little excessive for me to feed you nearly 5 bucks a day? You need to be put in timeout.

To Joseph,
I’m only writing to you because todays letters are to inanimate objects and let’s face it, I doubt either of our families are reading this masterpiece of a blog. I should really write to a legit human being that reads this shiz. So here we are. Um what to say… Oh! You’re a keeper. 😉