Tuesdays with Dorie

Man! After this recipe I’m starting to think those sweet bloggers over at Tuesdays with Dorie are trying to plump us up for Thanksgiving. These last few recipes have been indulgences that my waistline does not appreciate.

This Tuesdays recipe is Best Ever Brownies and they certainly were.

Thanks to preparing the brownies ahead of time, I was able to use some natural light this time to take my photos. Much better than last time, right?


These are some seriously decadent brownies. There is no skimping on the chocolate with these. Butter, chocolate and sugar are the foundation of these brownies with your typical baking additions of flour and eggs. These bad boys certainly aren’t gluten-free, vegan-free or any other froo froo “free” definition. Any chocolate lover would die happy indulging in one of these.

Let’s get to the recipe. As I’m sure I’m not the only one, my brownies took 65 minutes to bake instead of the allotted 28 minutes mentioned in the recipe. Big jump. Was this a glitch in the recipe? Not sure, but I was greatly disappointed that it took so long.

Backing up a bit, I flubbed up on the recipe. Once the chocolate, butter mixture melted and was taken off the burner, I whisked the eggs and threw them in with the chocolate not thinking about it. I went back to the recipe and gasped. I missed a crucial step. I was supposed to save half of the eggs to whisk to three times its size and then fold them into the chocolate batter. Fail. I prayed it wouldn’t hurt me in the long run.

Going back to the time discrepancy, thinking that a few extra minutes would help, I kept the brownies baking for about 32 minutes. I took them out and let them cool. An hour later, I was craving some chocolate heaven. I cut into them to find a soupy mess. They weren’t done. With a sigh of frustration, I preheated the oven and set the timer for another 35 minutes. I kept checking on the batter with tooth picks.

Finally, after 65 minutes of baking, I pulled them out and let them cool. At this point, it was very late (or early) on Saturday (or Sunday) and I wasn’t about to lose sleep for these things. I headed to bed with sugar plum brownies dancing in my head. I wish I had stayed awake. Nothing beats fresh, hot brownies.

My little flub with the eggs didn’t seem to lesson the greatness of these brownies. If anything, they seemed more fudge-like and less cakey. I’m not complaining. I took them to work on Monday. My coworker said he finally understands why Joe is marrying me. It’s all about these brownies. Hmm. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Now go visit Monica for the full recipe. I promise you won’t be disappointed. And let me know if you folded the eggs into the chocolate. I want to know if it turned out any differently.


Whew. I think I need a weekend from my weekend. Luckily Monday is over and it’s time for Tuesdays with Dorie.

I surprised myself with this one. I hadn’t even glanced at the recipe until two days ago. Sundays are grocery day and with the intention of not making the recipe, I headed off to the store. While there, I had an inkling to pick up some buttermilk in the hopes that the recipe would be easy and I would have all the ingredients at home.

I got home and grabbed the recipe book to find that indeed I had everything on hand. Sweet!

This recipe was really easy. It’s a nice basic muffin recipe. No crazy steps. No waiting periods. My kinda recipe. I was skeptical about the crumb topping. Toppings I’ve seen are very heavy on the brown sugar and this recipe called for a 50/50 mix of flour and brown sugar with a bit of solid shortening.

The house smelled wonderful and 25 minutes later my mouth was watering. I had to try one immediately sans butter. These taste a bit like a spice cake just without an extreme spice flavor. Does that make sense?

And for a photogenic touch, I added a slice of butter for photos.

The flavor isn’t too overwhelming and is nice for breakfast or as an afternoon snack.

I wish the photos were better. Nothing compares to natural lighting. Thanks daylight savings! I think if I prepared a little better for these recipes, I’d actually accomplish a few more of them. I’ve gotta work on making these recipes a full week in advance instead of a day before the post. Sigh. I’ll keep working on it guys.

Either way, this recipe is good, but I’m not entirely sure if I’ll make it again. Go check out Lisa at Easier Than Pie for the full recipe and try it out yourself. Just be prepared to use a lot of brown sugar and crisco. This recipe isn’t for those looking to lose weight.

Unrelated to this post: GO VOTE! Happy Election Day ‘Murica!

Can I tell you how much this recipe made me happy?

Before even opening the recipe book, I was already dreading the word “Popovers.” Thinking it was another dessert or heavy bread, I prepared myself for a grueling Sunday afternoon.

But alas! (Who says that?!)

It couldn’t have been further from the truth. No dessert.

Heavy bread? Eh not really.

The batter was as easy as throwing together batter for pancakes. Just some quick flour, butter and eggs and you’ve got yourself the start of something amazing.

I spent five minutes preparing the batter and the next 20 minutes nervously anticipating whether or not the dough was going to “popover” my muffin tins and spill onto my oven. I wasn’t about to clean that oven, so I sat in front of the stove like a little girl waiting for brownies as I watched those suckers rise. That’s the meaning behind these. You add a 1/4 cup of batter into each muffin cup alternating cups so that there is enough air around the popover. Once they’re in the oven, they slowly rise and pop over the rim of the tin.

No batter was spilled in the making of this little masterpiece.

They are best served fresh out of the oven. I quickly grabbed the butter and honey and Joe and I plowed into one.

My favorite thing about this recipe is they are slightly flaky. Not so flaky that they just crumble as soon as you sink your teeth into them. The perfect flakiness! They reminded me of the French croissants I scarfed down in Paris back in April. That first bite took me back to the little bakery we stopped at a couple times for yummy croissants and desserts. A simple memory like that seriously made these one of the best recipes I’ve made with Tuesdays With Dorie.

It was the perfect little recipe that could be devoured as rolls with dinner or dessert with a little honey. Simply yummy!

Now how about you run over here and here for the full recipe. And then run to your kitchen to make them. You won’t be disappointed.

Do ya’ll remember what TWD stands for? It’s been a while since I’ve baked a Tuesdays with Dorie recipe. I don’t have much of an excuse. I got a bit tired of making bread. I couldn’t find the right type of flour to use and dough can be a bit finicky sometimes. The Texas heat and a hot stove really don’t go well together either.

But here I am today to show you something so delicious (and easy). It’s worth the comeback. I’m back baby!

This is Berry Galette.

I absolutely loved how easy the dough was to make. A little bit of dry ingredients and a little bit of wet ingredients. Bing Bang Boom! Berry Galette!

The recipe allowed for two galettes. When I was rolling half of the dough out, I thought it was coming out too thin. I ended up using all of the dough. Truthfully, it came out really nice this way. It felt like more of a pie without the crust on top. I’m game for that!

I used frozen berries (raspberries, blackberries and blueberries) because I’m a wee bit lazy. Plus, I had no idea if the dough was going to be a several hour prep or a simple no-mess recipe. Can you tell I wanted something quick and easy?

I think it turned out really well.

I can’t even tell you how amazing it smelled in my house. So stinkin good. Better than a Yankee candle. That’s saying a lot considering we just bought the Spiced Pumpkin candle that’s worthy of lickable proportions. You got me?

That’s a fork full of yumtastic deliciousness.

You’re welcome to come on over for a slice. Better get here quick though. I’m not waiting for no one!

You wanna make this yourself? Well let me tell you where you can get the recipe without buying the book, Baking with Julia. I’m so good to you.

Hosts this time around: Lisa at Tomato Thymes in the Kitchen and Andrea of the Kitchen Lioness

I think my stand mixer is still recovering from this past weekends french strawberry cake marathon. It was a doozy. It was 26.2 million whirly whirls of whipped delight.

And, man! My stand mixer deserves a medal. You take sugar, eggs and a dash of salt and let your precious stand mixer do the rest. The recipe says it should take about 4-5 minutes to triple in size. Um, try like 10 minutes. I shut my poor mixer off (to test for those infamous “ribbons”) three times so it could cool down. Joe’s family bought me a beautiful 6-quart mixer last year for Christmas and I don’t plan on breaking it ANY time soon. YOU HEAR THAT, FRENCH STRAWBERRY CAKE?

And I think I seriously dominated.

Except for one little hiccup.

Do you notice anything different or off about this cake? I ask that question to the fellow TWD bloggers, really. See, there was one thing I didn’t really do by the book. The recipe called for the batter to be poured into an 8 inch round spring form pan. I have a 9 inch round spring form pan. And I was not about to make a trip to buy one. No sirree!

So, I did a little improvisation and I think it turned out marvelously.

Pretty lookin, huh?

Because of my little hiccup, I couldn’t slice the cake horizontally three ways. I didn’t even feel safe cutting it in half horizontally. It was meant to be layered as shown in the photos then completely frosted. It was meant to be topped with frosting rosettes and some strawberry garnishes. At least I got the strawberry garnish, right?

It ended up being my own little creation. Who says you have to follow the rules anyway?

Here’s the thing. I don’t know if it was because I let the cake rest for a day before assembling or I whipped the batter too much, but the cake ended up being pretty dry. I get the cake is meant to be a little spongy so it can sop up all that delicious strawberry juice, but I just wasn’t sold on it. I read through several comments from the genoise batter post and it seems like some people had problems with deflation. With so much folding going on with flour and melted butter, it’s possible that the final batter just wimped out.

For all that work (my mixer did), I don’t think this recipe was entirely worth it. I doubt I’ll make it again. It was a good attempt nonetheless. And the photos turned out really well!

For the full recipe and to try it yourself, visit Sophia at Sophia’s Sweets and/or Allison at Sleep Love Think Dine.

Side note: Because Joe is unable to eat anything with seeds, he was unable to partake in this little strawberry delight. So, I made him this to make up for it.

Mmmmm. Let’s all say it with me, Peanut Butter Pie!

Now my only dilemma is figuring out what to do with leftover mushy strawberries and whipped cream. Any ideas?