An Ode to Coffee

There once was a young lady.
Who wasn’t named Katie.
She lived with a nice boy.
His cat surely wasn’t coy.

She had a slight addiction.
It certainly was an affliction.
Coffee it was.
It gave her quite a buzz.

After joining the corporate world.
She became somewhat of a coffee Lord.
Two cups by morning.
It made her anti-boring.

One day she tried to quit.
And received a serious hit.
See, she had a coffee headache.
And was in no mood to visit the lake.

She wonders how to recover.
Or she’ll turn into her mother.
For her mother drinks too much.
It’s certainly quite a crutch.

So don’t fall into this trap.
Or you’ll end up in a world of crap.
That’s a slight exaggeration.
What rhymes with exaggeration?
~The End


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