Hearts O Plenty

Happy Valentines Day, ya’ll! Joe and I don’t really celebrate this holiday. It’s just not our thing. Now, I do love a good baking opportunity and Steph from Steph’s Bite by Bite made it easy.

Check out these yummy cookies!

Don’t mind the unprofessional photos. I’m learning. Anyway. Head over to Stephanie’s blog, Steph’s Bite by Bite for the recipe of these bad boys. Plus, her photos are WAY better. I’ve been reading her blogs for a while and I think she’s just peachy.

These have been a huge hit in our house. Joe and I have an unhealthy obsession with peanut butter.

Unfortunately, Joe is working late tonight, so I’ll be celebrating with another love of my life. My Mommy. Today is her birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom! Love you! She’s also a twin, so a shout out to my Aunt is in order. Happy Birthday, Aunt Susan! So, I guess I’m actually celebrating the holiday by spending it with my other favorite loves. I think that sounds pretty good to me.

Hope your day is filled with every sweet Valentine treat and the love of family and friends!


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